"Features" Overview

Below are the services Tara offers.  During your "Frankly My Dear..." consultation Tara will assist you in finding the package that is best suited for you, or if a custom package needs to be created. The below is only meant to be a brief overview.


It's a Wonderful Life Package

Clarence appears when George struggles with seeing his own value and worth. He helps George understand that he is making a difference to those around him.

If Clarence would have never shown up, there could have been a very different outcome for George and the people that were important to him.

You may be on the right track or perceive you are, and you need a bit of extra support or encouragement to regain some perspective in your life.

**This package is 3 (60 minute) sessions that can be used as needed.**

citizn kane.jpg

Citizen Kane Package


News reporters try to figure out the meaning of "Rosebud", upon the death of for the famous publisher Charles Foster Kane.

What if Kane had connected to what really brought him joy and reclaimed some sense of curiosity and wonderment in his life? How would his life have changed?

What happens when you connect with what genuinely brings you joy? What does that look like for you? How does it change your life and the way you move forward in life?

Sometimes in life you need to pause and re-evaluate your life and make changes as needed.

**This package is 3 (90 minute) sessions that can be used as needed.**


Wild Package

Cheryl walked over 1000 miles to discover herself.  She had to discover who she was at her core and how to allow happiness in again after her life was turned upside down.

Perhaps you are ready to discover deeper meaning in your life. A restart so to speak. Reconnecting to what is important to you, without having to complete a literal 1000 mile journey.

When events turn turn your life upside down, you can pretend it didn't happen and allow it to sneak up on you unannounced. Or you can have the courage to heal and transform so that your future is something you are excited and willing to explore.

Otherwise you allow your past to rule your future happiness.

**This package is for deep change.  Each session is 60 minutes with up to 4 sessions per billing cycle.**


AXIS Package

Tristan finds a ways to transcend his seemly insurmountable challenges. He fought and overcame many of his own battles, but life had a way of testing him, again.

When you overcome challenges in your life, you begin to realize what an incredible being you are and what you are capable to achieve.

There are times in your life, when you are forced to choose to deal with what has happened and what is currently happening or give up.

Reaching out, trusting someone with your wounds is scary, and initially maybe unpleasant, but truly allowing yourself to change, heal and transform, reclaims your self-worth, in ways that are more powerful than any hiding or fear can accomplish.

**This package is for extensive change. Each session is 90 minutes with up to 4 sessions per billing cycle.**

The Descendants.jpg

The Descendants Package

Grief is complicated, and can even be more complicated when part of you has started to grieve for someone who is still alive.

As is the case with George, whose wife is in coma and he has been told she will not recover. He struggles with his anger toward the situation and her, and how he thinks he should be feeling and acting.

When someone you have strong feelings for is dying, you may feel like your world is collapsing, and yet you may also be angry at that person or yourself for past issues than never had been resolved. You have a right to have all your feelings and emotions.  It is sometimes helpful to talk to someone who is able to acknowledge the complexity of feelings that may surface.

**This package is 3 (60 Minute) sessions that can be used as needed.**

This is Where I Leave You Package

A Father's last request, was to have all 4 of his adult children in the house again.  He wanted his family to reconnect and have time to grieve.

But what happens if your family isn't ultimately supportive or able to help you through your own grief?  Or what about after everyone returns to their busy lives.

Death can be hard for those left behind.

Sometimes you may need a little extra support.  Someone who is removed from the drama or who has no emotionally attachment to the deceased.  Grief is unique and everyone will experience it differently. Also, each time you lose someone your own grief process will change as well.

**This package is 3 ( 60 minute) sessions that can be used as needed.**

I Origins Single Session

Ian must decide if he believes the eyes are the gateway to the soul,  and if that statement is true what happens when the same set of eyes appear in a different person after someone dies.

Many cultures and individuals believe in reincarnation. A soul's ability to return many times to the earth, experiencing different life times. Each life time has unique lessons for the soul to learn and for the soul to teach others. When lessons fall short in a lifetime, the belief is you keep repeating the lesson in different ways in subsequent live times, through different experiences until the lesson has been learned. Reincarnation also focusing on what you did in a prior life and if you need to make retribution for those actions.  This is where the word Karma comes from. Sometimes you are able to pay your karmic debt in the same life time and other times it is through separate lives.

By being regressed to past lives, it can be beneficial for deeper understanding for something you are currently experiencing in your present life.

A common misconception about reincarnation is your past lives were easy, carefree and glamours, however usually your past lives are typically mundane and tend to show you something connected to your present life. Sometimes you are able to see a life you really enjoyed and it may have little bearing to your current life, but even those lives serve a purpose, if they come up in a regression.

Tara views past life regression as a spiritual and emotional journey to healing.  She will decline to regress someone if the desire is to only see a certain type of a life (i.e. they were a doctor) or a specific location(i.e. a life where they lived in France).  Good past life regressionists understand the sacredness of the experience, and never try to manipulate the outcome of a specific life to satisfy a client's conscious desire to see a specific life.

**This is a single session approximately 2 hours to 2.5 hours (scheduled will be listed as 2.5 hours)  All sessions must be prepaid.

Currently Past Live Regression sessions are only available in person. **

Other Services

You may need assistance for more than one individual (examples could be a cast, crew, co-workers, etc.) at a location. Tara works with individuals through one-on-one causal conversations on site. Items that are personal to an individual will remain confidential. Items that impact the work environment as a whole will be complied into a report.

Custom packages are also available.

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