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On Creating The Healing Hollywood Program


As story after story broke last fall about the abuse of power in our industry, I wanted to help heal our industry and lead a change that would create long term positive solutions.

When abuse of power has been so ingrained in a culture it requires several types of resources to combat the issues and change the culture. In creating The Healing Hollywood Program, I wanted to include several diverse ways in which people could start to change the culture. Our industry is unique in the fact that an individual, individual companies and the industry itself are so intertwined. As I created The Healing Hollywood Program, I specially included actions items for individuals based on those three entities. To ignore anyone of those, makes the three-legged stool unstable.

Changing the culture is about bringing items to the consciousness and then making new decisions and creating new actions based on the information we have now, versus the information we had in the past.

Shifts of this size, take time and effort for individuals to integrate the recent changes, which is why I created various lengths for The Healing Hollywood Program. Any long term is change is more successful when consumed in smaller pieces. I specifically created action items that are 20 minutes or less in duration to allow for the integration to be more gradual over the course of the program for all employees.



On Being a Consultant & Coach

I began to do some work in the entertainment industry in 2014. I love working and interacting with creative people. 

Coaching in some form has always been a part of my life. People have always sought me out to hear and advise them on their issues, concerns, hopes and dreams. Back in 2010, I completed a 3-year, intensive coaching program, which strengthened my ability to provide coaching and guidance to individuals.

I began my career in HR, I then spent several years working as an HRIT analyst. There I found my love of consulting. However, I missed directly helping individuals solve their issues and concerns.


Professional Bio

Tara Wilken is a Consultant and Coach for Creatives.  She  joyfully empowers companies and individuals to soar by enhancing their creativity.  She is the creator of The Healing Hollywood Program and the author of 'Be Authentic, Be Inspirational'. She is a Certified Spiritual Therapeutic Coach, a Master Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master.

For More...

Tara has an active Medium account and usually posts through Thrive Global.  Those posts are mix of personal and other various topics related to improvement of self and society. For social media, Twitter is her preferred platform.

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