On Being a Personal Coach


My unique combination of life experiences gives me the ability to easily communicate with various groups of individuals.  Everyone experiences disruptions and conflicts differently in their life. My job is to make those turbulent times as smooth as possible. Throughout my life, people have sought me out to hear their issues, help them see possibilities, connect them with their own resources, and help them transform and heal issues. It was in part because of those experiences that I became a coach. People viewed (and view) me as someone safe and non-judgemental to discuss any issue they were (are) facing. I took and still take that responsibility very seriously.  In order to help individuals to the best of my ability, I took a cumulative of a 3 year intensive coaching program, which gave me the following certifications: Certified Spiritual Therapeutic Coach, Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Certified Master Hypnotherapist. In addition to those certifications I also do energy work and have taken classes on Hands on Healing, Quantum Touch and I am Certified Reiki Master.

On My Philosophy of Self-Care

At first, I wanted to get my self-care “right” and do everything I thought I was “supposed” to do. However, I have learned that what I need on one day, might be different than what I need on another day. By allowing myself the flexibility for that flow to happen it has served me better than doing everything I perceived I “should” be doing for my self-care.

On Finding My Own Self Development

So many of us go through our lives, trying to live up to an idea of who we should be, instead of who we are. I have spent years removing other people’s expectations of me. It wasn’t always easy or pretty to examine, however as those layers fell away, I became more joyful and loving than I ever thought possible. I *thought* I was happy before, but thinking it and truly accessing happiness are two different things.


On Forgiveness

I personally have benefited immensely from forgiving people in my life. It has made me a stronger and more compassionate person.  I also came to understand that forgiveness is a process. Sometimes forgiveness came quickly, and other times it can take a while and either way it is okay. By forgiving people I reclaimed my power and ability to choose if and how I wanted that individual in my life. 

On Dealing with Loss

As a personal coach, some have wondered why I offer a package dealing with grief. People have sought me out long before I ever offered a package on grief. In my own life I have dealt with a lot of death. I have attended more than 50 wakes, funerals, and celebrations of life, including 6 for coworkers. At least 35 of those being for individuals I knew personally.  By dealing with so much death and grief in my personal life, I have gained significant knowledge on how to support others during difficult times when they lose someone.


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Professional Bio

Tara specializes in self-care, personal development and the emotional impacts of life. She is the author of 'Be Authentic, Be Inspirational!' and is a contributor for Thrive Global. She is a Certified Spiritual Therapeutic Coach, a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Master Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master.

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Tara has an active Medium account and usually posts through Thrive Global.  Those posts are mix of personal and other various topics related to improvement of self and society. For social media, Twitter is her preferred platform.

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