Be Authentic, Be Inspirational


"Be Authentic, Be Inspirational" provides a series of short personal exercises, to help you improve your life and connect to your own authenticity. Each chapter may be read independently. Which allows you to choose which topic you want to focus on.

An excerpt from the Introduction:

My intention with this book is for you to take one step and then another until you reach the place where you aspire to be. For some individuals becoming their authentic self might be a few steps more than for others.

You will need to create your own definition of authenticity. For some people it will be about speaking their truth. For others it will mean living in harmony with those around them. Still others may find their authentic selves by creating what they desire in life. Your authentic self may be a mix of all three of these examples. It could also be something completely different. However you define your personal authenticity, you will have more happiness in life, more ability to forgive yourself and others, and more ability to create transformational experiences.

In this book, I try to provide a broad overview of different ways to cultivate a more authentic life. How you utilize this book, what you gain from it, and what you do with the knowledge are entirely up to you. There will probably be parts of this book with which you do not agree or to which you are indifferent. You are the only one who can discern whether you agree with what I have written. Only absorb what you are comfortable with—leave the rest for later.

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