Be Brave and Bold

Be Brave & Bold Consultation Session

Please complete the form below to be considered a client of Tara's and to schedule your free"Be Brave and Bold" consultation session. Tara will review your submitted information and will send you a link to schedule your consultation session. Consultations are typically 50- 60 minutes in length. Any form you complete or any item(s) discussed in the consultation will remain confidential, regardless if you and Tara end up working together.

Why do a consultation?

Doing a consultation, helps you and Tara determine if each of your styles and personalities will work well together. With coaching being such a personal experience, Tara wants to ensure, you will benefit from working together.

Be Brave and Bold

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You and Tara will discuss options in your consultation session. If you selected “This I Where I Leave You” package, your process to becoming a client maybe shortened. Tara will do her best to accommodate your time frame.
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Important items to consider when working with Tara

  • If, after the consultation you and Tara both agree this would be a beneficial working relationship, Tara will send you a contact and outline the next steps in the process.
  • Sessions are meant to be personal and are designed specifically for you.
  •  Tara works extremely hard to honor your privacy and confidentiality, however if you speak openly about what was discussed in your session, you assume the responsibility that the information could end up public. 
  • The more honest you are in session, the more lasting change will be possible.