Healing Hollywood Custom Program


The Healing Hollywood Program is a long term solution which aims to rebuild trust and respect by supporting all individuals through empowerment instead of entitlement.

Our industry is unique in how much we have to focus on the industry as a whole while simultaneously focusing on the individual components. For one project you might be rivals and in the next partners. Your company may or may not have had issues with sexual harassment or abuse of power, but everyone is watching and evaluating how each company is handling this titanic shift in our industry and who is creating significant change. This upheaval is larger and longer lasting than being able to "fix"  with some PR spin.  

The fallout is forcing people to elevate their own actions, beliefs and decisions they have made up until this point. In addition everyone is also being forced to reconcile how their interactions with a person might be very different than someone else's interactions .  Any one of those items can be hard to tackle individually. When combined, people can get stuck in fear, anger or avoidance behaviors. When that happens, change becomes impossible.

Prestige has always been a huge component in our industry.

Be the company to lead, our next chapter.

The Healing Hollywood Program

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Healing Hollywood Program highlights:

Integrating 3 fundamental entities to help stabilize and move forward

  1. Your Company
  2. The Industry as a whole
  3. The Individual Employee


  • Whole staff (minimum of 2)
  • Executive staff (as requested)


  • Initial assessment to create a baseline
  • Whole company check-in points (for 6 month programs or longer)
  • Final assessment to see how the program helped create change

Action Items and Topics

  • With a unique variety of action items, employees are more likely to find something they resonate with therefore maximizing employee engagement. Action Items may include:
    • Surveys (shorter than the assessments)
    • Mind mapping
    • Guided Meditations
    • Visualizations
    • Intentions
  • Topics of the Action Items may include:
    • Unconscious filtering
    • Trust
    • Respect
    • Forgiveness
    • Self-awareness
    • Gratitude

Employee Engagement

  • You and Tara will create the best solution on how individuals employees will have access to Tara throughout the program. Some options could include:
    • Intranet forum
    • Video chat in small groups
    • Additional on-site visits
    • Email

Executive Coaching

  • Up to 5 senior managers may have private coaching once a month for the duration of the program
  • Additional coaching maybe negotiated

When employees are invested they are more willing to embrace change. Executives will also be expected to participate.

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