Meditation and Hypnosis

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Mini Meditation for you

This is the guided meditation that appears in my Healing Hollywood Series. It can be used a stand alone guided meditation for anytime you need a bit of extra support. To see the full video with additional comments from me watch Healing Hollywood: Object of Desire.

 Music: Purple Planet Song title: Uluru

What does Tara think about Meditation and Hypnosis?

People have varying opinions on the differences between guided meditation and hypnosis. And the effectiveness of each. Tara has studied and uses both. (She is certified as a Master Hypnotherapist). She believes a really good guided meditation can be as effective as a deep hypnosis session. She has found sometimes it comes down to the preference of the client and/or the practitioner. If someone believes they can't be hypnotized, doing a hypnosis session with them may not be the best option. But doing a guided meditation may help the client relax and be able to do the inner work required to move forward. Tara tends to use more guided mediation than deep hypnosis in her sessions.

 General Guidelines Between a Guided Meditation and a Hypnosis Session

  • A guided meditation is typically shorter than a hypnosis session.
  • Hypnotic states are typically deeper than guided meditation states.
  • Guided meditations and hypnosis can help you gain more clarity in all aspects of your life. They also have the ability to facilitate deeper change and healing. The intention with either is to help you work through something that is easier to tackle in more of a relaxed state.


Hypnosis: A common perception of hypnosis is doing something against your will. Clucking like a chicken for example. Those types of hypnotists are doing hypnosis for the entertainment value. The participants that go up, typically would be willing to do similar things after a few drinks at a bar.  The very act of going to see hypnotist's show is saying you are going because you want to be entertained. Go, enjoy a good time, but understand it's entertainment value. You can't be hypnotized into doing something that is against your beliefs or ethics.


Hypnosis: "I can't be hypnotized"

Everyone has been in a hypnotic state before, but you just may not have realized it. 

Have you ever driven somewhere and realized you had no idea how you got there?  You were in hypnotic state.

Have you every written something and not realized how much time it took to write until you stopped and saw the time? You were in hypnotic state.


Meditations: "How can I sit in total silence and not think about anything!"

People think meditations (guided or not) are only about clearing your mind and not focusing on anything.  While it is true you can use meditation for that purpose, it can also be used for a specific purpose or goal. Such as helping you with personal growth, forgiveness, or dealing with a loss.


What is Hypnosis?

  • All hypnosis is self- hypnosis
  • Intense focused attention whether you are on stage or in therapeutic session you still have an awareness of where you are, and what you are doing
  • Ability to go into a deep relaxed state, a hypnotic state (it is similar to the state right before falling asleep)
  • Hypnosis is able to help you gain insights on issues and provide healing as needed

What is Meditation?

  • Ability to go into a relaxed state, which helps you maintain focus, even after the meditation
  • Can be used to clear the mind, or increase creativity by allowing the mind to wonder, or to focus on a certain goal
  • Meditation is able to help you gain insights on issues and provide healing as needed