Meditation and Hypnosis Sessions

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Guided meditations and hypnosis can help you gain more clarity in all aspects of your life. They also have the ability to facilitate deeper change and healing. The intention with either is to help you work through something that is easier to tackle in more of a relaxed state.

For more information on guided meditation and hypnosis click here.

If you are looking for packages on personal power or grief, please head over to the Reclaiming Your Power page. If you want to work on additional topics please head over to the VIP Packages.

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Grace and Frankie Personalized Single Meditation Session

A personalized single meditation session to help you create a confidence bubble or a self love bubble.

This guided meditation session will help you visualize a bubble around you when you need either a confidence boost or reassurance you are enough. To create the bubble we will use items specific to your own life, so it has the most meaning to you. 

Confidence Bubbles are useful for:

  • Going into a pitch meeting,
  • An audition
  • First day of a new project
  • Anytime you need a burst of confidence

Love Bubbles are useful for:

  • When you are being too hard on yourself
  • When you feel like need support
  • When you feel lost
  • Anytime you need to remind yourself you are worthy and you are enough




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 On Meditation Package

2 One-Hour personalized sessions per month, cancel anytime.

This package focuses on a few common topics to help you heal, grow and connect to your divine spark. Before each session you are able to chose from the list of topics which one you would like to do a meditation on.  Then the meditation will be personalized for you. You may endup picking the same topic for a while. For example, you may need more than 1 session on forgiving yourself.

The following topics are available for this package:

  • Forgiveness of self
  • Forgiveness of others
  • Self Love and Appeciation


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Many cultures and individuals believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation is a soul's ability to return many times and experience different lives. Each life time has unique lessons for the soul to learn and for the soul to teach others. A common belief about reincarnation is you keep repeating life lessons until the lesson has been learned. Sometimes it takes several live times for the lesson to be learned. Reincarnation also can focus on what you did in a prior life and if you need to make retribution for those actions. This is where the word Karma comes from. Sometimes you are able to pay your karmic debt in the same life time and other times it is through separate lives.

Being regressed to past lives can be beneficial for a deeper understanding of something happening in your current life.

A common misconception about reincarnation is your past lives were easy, carefree and glamorous. But usually your past lives are typically mundane and tend to show you something connected to your present life.

Tara views past life regression as a spiritual and emotional journey to healing.  She will decline to regress someone if the desire is to only see a certain type of a life (i.e. they were a doctor). Or to see a specific location(i.e. a life where they lived in France). Good past life regressionists understand the sacredness of the experience. They will never try to manipulate the outcome of a session to satisfy a client's conscious desire for a specific life.

**This is a single session approximately 2 hours to 2.5 hours (scheduled will be listed as 2.5 hours)  This session may use hypnosis instead of meditation.**

***Currently Past Live Regression sessions are only available in person. ***