Meditation Sessions

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Guided meditations can help you gain more clarity in all aspects of your life. They also have the ability to facilitate deeper change and healing. The intention  is to help you work through something that is easier to tackle in more of a relaxed state.

For each session of either "Grace and Frankie" or "On Meditation"  you will answer some questions via a form and answer some additional questions during the session. Tara then combines your responses into a meditation for that specific session. The reason Tara splits these questions up is because they serve different purposes. The questions she asks ahead of time, help her prepare for your session. The questions she asks during the session are designed to get your immediate response.


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Grace and Frankie Personalized Guided  Meditation Bubble Session

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These Bubbles help you get a burst of energy.  Visualize using them as you would in a videogame with a power boost, but they are for real life instead.

There are 3 options for this guided meditation session. You are able to choose which option you would like for your session.

Each guided meditation will use items specific to your own life, so it has the most meaning to you. 

You may choose to purchase all three options as a package deal.

Option One: Confidence Bubble

Confidence Bubbles are useful for:

  • Going into a pitch meeting
  • An audition
  • First day of a new project
  • Anytime you need a burst of confidence

Option Two: Protection Bubble

Protection Bubbles are useful for:

  • If you get easily overwhelmed in big groups of people
  • If you have to deal with a toxic/draining person
  • If you are an empath
  • If you want to keep other people's energy out of your space

Option Three:  Healing Bubble

Healing  Bubbles are useful for:

  • When you are being too hard on yourself
  • When you feel emotionally drained
  • When you feel lost
  • Anytime you need some extra support




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 On Meditation Package

2 One-Hour personalized sessions per month, cancel anytime.

This package focuses on a few common topics to help you heal, grow and connect to your divine spark. Before each session you are able to chose from the list of topics which topic you would like to do a meditation on.  During the session you will be asked some follow up questions. Then the meditation will be personalized for you in that session. You may end up picking the same topic for a while. For example, you may need more than 1 session on forgiving yourself.

The following topics are available for this package:

  • Forgiveness of self
  • Forgiveness of others
  • Self Love and Appreciation