Reclaiming Your Power


It is easy to get caught up in what you think you are suppose to be doing or feeling. Learning to honor yourself is vital to reclaiming your own power. The more you are able to connect with yourself the more you are able to live your life fully.

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Eat, Pray, Love

This 14 week package is designed to help you start to reconnect to yourself and reclaim your power. This package includes six 1/2 hour individual sessions.

Each week you will get access to your weekly action items. The action items are designed for you to easily incorporate them into your busy life. By incorporating small items into your daily life, you are beginning to honor yourself everyday.

Action items will be interactive between you and Tara. Tara will offer feedback on items you have commented on.


This Is Where I Leave You

This package is 3- 90 minute sessions to be used when you need them. You may choose to work on the same or different loss for each session.

Grief and loss come in many forms. Sometimes it is because someone has passed away. Sometimes it is an abrupt ending to something you had no control over. Sometimes it is because something has come to its natural conclusion.

Sometimes it is an ending of your old self.  Sometimes your loss shakes you to your core. Allowing yourself the space and time to grieve is crucial for you to move forward. When you experience a loss you will never have the normal you had before. It changes you, but you get to decide how it affects you.